The Roth Port: Stadt Roth


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The Roth Port

Nuremberg-Roth Ltd

The ports of Roth and Nuremberg, federated in the Hafen Nürnberg-Roth GmbH, belong to the most important cargo handling locations at  the Main-Danube Canal. Together, they provide a critical bridging function in the high-performance waterway transport. Stones, earths and building materials, ore and metal waste, fertilizers, food and fodder, crude oil and mineral products belong to the most important trans-shipment goods, just to name some of them.

In 1987, five years before the Main-Danube Canal was finally completed, the Roth Port was integrated as a second company into the freight centre Nuremberg Port.

An agreement between the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Roth on the “planning, development, construction and port operations at the Main-Danube Canal in Roth” officially documented the southern enlargement of Nuremberg Port.

Ever since the erection of the operating building in Roth Port and the building of the crane track, Roth Port has directly bordered with the industrial area “An der Lände”. On an area of approximately 15 hectares, besides countless companies shipping companies, commercial enterprises and  production plants have been establishing themselves, which, primarily use the  shipment of goods by water.

Ever since 2015, river cruise vessels have now been able to use two landing stages for passengers (North: up to maximum length of 110 metres, South: up to maximum length of 135 metres). The associated forecourts and bus stops were fully redesigned, respectively.