Environmental Station: Stadt Roth


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Environmental Station

The integrative LBV Environmental Station Rothsee

Directly at the lakeside of Rothsee, in the heart of the Franconian Lake District, there is the integrative Environmental Station of the regional association for bird protection, where there is a lot to do and see.

Visitors are heartily welcomed to explore this station on your own from Tuesday to Friday (14.00-18.00), on Saturday (13.00-18.00) and on Sunday (11.00-17.00) in summertime. May it be you relaxing in the cloud cinema, watching birds through a visual enhancement device, doing your own research on the climate deck or playing in the water, slush and mud area –the LBV Environmental Station of Roth is worth being visited at any age. 

School classes, kindergarten children and groups of handicapped persons may visit the station any time by prior appointment to participate in the programmes on nature, environment and lifestyles of sustainability. There is a wide range of topics: there are not only programmes on the natural habitats of water, sand, meadow and hedge, but also on climate, energy, nutrition, Fair Trade and team building. Besides, action-oriented programmes promote any form of competence and value orientation.

One special highlight is a trip with one of the station’s dragon boat, which does not only allow you to have an extraordinary team or motivation experience but also a unique view onto Rothsee with its animals and plants residing there.