Castle Road: Stadt Roth


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Castle Road

As a member of the Castle Road Association, the City of Roth invites you to a small side trip to our Castle Road neighbours. Besides Ratibor Castle in Roth, just to mention a few, Abendberg Castle, Nuremberg Castle, castles and other castle buildings are waiting for you in the next surrounding of our romantic Franconia, Franconian Swiss or the Margravial Residence of Ansbach.

The Castle Road from Mannheim to Bayreuth comprises more than 70 castles, palaces and castle ruins. You will find the course of the respective route on this map (PDF-Datei).

You will find more information about our Castle Road offer on our corresponding website and the image film.

Ever since the middle of July in 2012, the City of Roth has been a member of the Castle Road Marketing Committee. The head of our tourist information office Anke Freiman was unanimously appointed chairwoman to this committee by the general assembly and will be developing marketing strategies for the Castle Road in future.