Parking: Stadt Roth


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Car Parks

You will find eight multi-level car parks, parking decks and car parks along the Old Town Ring. The fair ground parking lot is free of charge throughout the year, in all the other multi-level car parks and parking decks run by Roth public works, fees will be charged after a maximum parking time of two hours.
A park-and-ride car park was established for long-term parkers, coaches and lorries at Steinerne Eiche (access ramp to Hilpoltsteiner Straße to B2). This is the place where you also find parking spaces for caravans and campers.
Moreover, there are two parking spaces for coaches at the fair ground available.
You will find the opening hours and fees of the parking decks at the Culture Factory, at the castle and in Sieh-Dich-Für-Weg (Valentine Passage) and Städtlerstraße on the website of the Roth city works.