Museum Landscape: Stadt Roth


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Museum Landscape

The Museum Landscape of the District of Roth comprises 20 museums with a whole variety of Topics. 

  • Abenberg: "The House of Franconian History", Lace-Making Museum
  • Allersberg: Sudeten German Local Museum
  • Georgensgmünd: Jewish Museum (the former synagoge), Museum Saazer Homes
  • Greding: Museum Nature and People, Savings Bank Museum
  • Heideck: Local History Collection, Village Museum Laffenau
  • Hilpoltstein: "Museum Black Steed"
  • Roth: Ratibor Castle with ist City Museum, Factory Museum, Historical Iron Hammer Museum
  • Spalt: Hometown Rooms, Firebrigade Museum, Craftsmen Workrooms, Hop and Beer Exhibition, Photo Gallery Schlenzgerhaus
  • Thalmässing: Museum for Early and Prehistoric Findings, Michael-Kirschner Cultural Museum Stauf
  • Wendelstein: Woodturner and Metal Button Museum

You will receive further information about opening hours and contact persons of each museum in the Administrative District of Roth in the brochure "Museen in Roth" (PDF-Datei).