Programme of Tours: Stadt Roth


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Programme of Tours

Our city regularly organizes tours between January and December, without prior notification and accessible to everyone. But just in German language.

Just drop in and come with an open mind to enjoy the things Roth has to offer.

This year, too, the City of Roth has compiled a varied programme of guided tours, which will not only make you familiar with the city’s history and its sights but also give you the opportunity of enjoying some lovely hours in the company of like-minded people in Roth and its surroundings.

  • Combination of City Tours & Castle Tours
  • Leon Industry Factory Museum Tours
  • Historical Iron Hammer Museum Tours with a blacksmith’s demonstration
  • Roth At Night
  • Cycling Tours
  • Culinary Hiking, Guided Adventure and Evening Hiking Tours in the Lake District of Roth
  • Roth Feasting Tour – a culinary city tour

You can download the complete city’s programme of guided tours between January and December here (PDF-Datei)

Guided Tours at Ratibor Castle and the City MuseumCity Tours