Natural Park Altmühltal: Stadt Roth


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Natural Park Altmühltal

In the south of Roth, adjacent to the Franconain lakes, you will find the Natural Park Altmühltal. This Altmühl landscape will be the perfect scenery for nature lovers enjoying beautiful Moments:

  • chilling out when fishing,
  • taking a stroll through the markets when going Shopping,
  • it will get sportive when  you do some boating, hang-gliding, biking, riding, swimming or when you play Tennis
  • you will experience a speedy descent at the summer toboggan runs in Pleinfeld and Riedenburg,
  • when going on a voyage on the Main-Danube Canal, an impressive rocky panorama and castles towering majestically over the valley will glide past the  passengers on board,
  • you will have lots of fun when going for a swim in the numerous adventure and leisure pools.  

Presenting a complete list of all the leisure activities the Natural Park provides the perfect conditions for would make it necessary for you to do some webquest. You will find countless tips on leisure activities under leisure and sporting activities.