Factory Museum: Stadt Roth


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Factory Museum

Leon Industry Factory Museum

The Factory Museum pays particular attention to the Leon Industry, which determined the future of the city’s industrialization and the development of Roth in the 19th century. The method of using gilded or silvered threads for the production of expensive threads originated in Lyon/France, the centre of the art of weaving.
It was the Huguenot George Fournier that introduced this method in Roth and it was the silver braid manufacturer Johann Philipp Stieber who expanded it on a large scale.
An impressive guided tour in the Factory Museum will show you the way a thread takes on a running machine to be turned into Lyonese wares. The various phases involved in this process are fine wire drawing, sheet metalworking, different forms of subsequent processes on wire covering machines and looms and the packing of products.
In 2003, the Factory Museum was given the Museum of the Year Award by the Bavarian Insurance Chamber.

Contact and Opening Hours

Obere Mühle 4, 91154 Roth
Telefonnummer: 09171 60564

April- October, Sunday,  13:30-16:30
Guided group tours any time upon prior notice.