District of Roth: Stadt Roth


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District of Roth

The District of Roth holds a diverse and interesting leisure program for you.  Due to its large area it covers from the north to the south, from the Reichswald Forest to the Franconian Jura, a greatly varied landscape reveals, which can be easily explored by car, by bicycle or even on foot. Moreover, many cities and municipalities can comfortably be reached using public transport.

In 16 municipalities, various museums, numerous sights and, of course, our Franconian hospitality is waiting for you. Go and discover them, for instance, on “Via Historica – the route to historical sites”, a 130-kilometre circular tour which can be explored and toured by car best. Municipalities affiliated are Roth, Abenberg, Spalt, Georgensgmünd, Röttenbach, Heideck, Thalmässing and Greding.

You will find excursion tips and detailed information on leisure activities in the District of Roth in your leisure guide of the district administration (Landratsamt)